WellPeer Develops Fitness Programs and Resources for Special Populations.

WellPeer’s mission is to bring a better and more active daily life to people who may have difficulty accessing mainstream fitness options.

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy life for everyone, regardless of their underlying condition.

WellPeer’s fitness classes, education programs and online wellness resources help people avoid a medically risky sedentary life. People who are physically inactive often become depressed, and progressively weaker, which invites a worsening of their conditions and more rapid aging and can lead to costly illness.

Educate, Coach and Support

WellPeer provides:

• Workshops

• Training

• Classes

• Online resources

• Consulting and support

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For someone who has survived a stroke or brain trauma, regular healthy exercise is vitally important.

With regular exercise, stroke survivors can live a normal lifespan and a happier and productive life, with fewer acute stroke-related incidents.

Finding the right exercise formula can be a challenge. Standard fitness options designed for normally-abled people may not accommodate a stroke survivor's specific physical, neural and emotional challenges.

WellPeer programs offer fitness options for all levels of ability.

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workout your words

Challenges with language, communication and cognition are part of life for many stroke survivors.

The WellPeer Work Out Your Words program synchronizes language and cognitive tasks with movement.

We have developed synchronized exercise sets that not only improve strength, mobility and endurance, but also promote language.

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